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Buddhablogger TMcG recently published a query to her readership:  “I’d love any suggestions you may have for books on the topic of emptiness as I’m starting to dig in deeper in my analysis and study of this theme in Buddhism.” Being part of that readership, we did our best to answer the call.

The result? A new post called “A big box of emptiness… thanks to Wisdom Publications.” [In which she discusses our books Meditation on Emptiness, Freedom from Extremes, and Dependent-Arising and Emptiness.]

You’re welcome, TMcG!  May they be of all the help they were conceived to be.

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maitripa-logoEarlier this Fall, Portland, Oregon’s Maitripa College was given degree-granting authority from the State of Oregon, marking the fulfillment of one the school’s most important goals: to be able to offer credentialed higher education in the Buddhist tradition in America.

This year also marks the end of the curriculum for Maitripa’s first class of graduate students, who will be recognized in the school’s first graduation ceremony in January.

Several Wisdom authors have an ongoing role in Maitripa College’s development: Yangsi Rinpoche (author of Practicing the Path) was a co-founder (along with Dr. James Blumenthal) and the school’s visiting faculty includes Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Geshe Sopa Rinpoche, Jeffrey Hopkins, Dr. Jose Cabezon, and Dr. Jan Willis.

Our congratulations to them for their collective achievement, and to the graduating students who shall follow in their footsteps!

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