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From Shambhala SunSpace:

Goldie Hawn, Mindfulness Ambassador to Britain

That’s right. It seems that the “It Girl” of the 60s is taking her ongoing appreciation of Buddhism and mindfulness to children across the pond. It’s not that much of a surprise: Hawn recently supplied an endorsement to Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness, from which Take 5, below, is excerpted.

Having formed the Hawn Foundation, whose mission is to “create a more mindful world,” the actress, producer, and “creative philanthropist” has been taking meetings with British education secretary Michael Gove, looking for ways to make the benefits of mindfulness part of school-kids’ curriculum. “A peaceful, happy child,” says Goldie, “is the first step towards a peaceful world.”

For more on mindfulness in education check out Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness.

“A gift for educators, helpful in any classroom, for any teacher and with every student.” —Goldie Hawn, children’s advocate and founder of the Hawn Foundation

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